Ufenau Capital Partners

We support entrepreneurs with their succession plans and help them grow their businesses.

Ufenau Capital Partners

We invest in profitable service companies with robust business models and seek majority participations

What we do

We develop the companies with a distinctive buy-&-build strategy and everything we do is aimed at growing and securing both company locations and jobs. Together with our network of Industry Partners, we support management teams with our industry experience at eye level. Personal empathy and business passion are essential factors for in our investment decisions.

Sell your business to realize the value that has been tied-up in the company over years.

Complete sale or gradual succession solution – with the possibility of re-investing alongside us:

  • We offer business owners the opportunity to sell the majority shareholdings or their entire company to us.
  • We provide individual succession solutions that enable entrepreneurs, a short, mid- or long-term retirement.
  • By re-investing in the company, entrepreneur families remain connected with the business and participate in its future performance.
  • We set great value on developing our companies, on growing company sites and employee numbers.

From Manager to Partner.

Ambitious management teams know their sectors and want to participate from their expertise as shareholders

  • We have long term experience in management participations and help management teams to acquire companies.
  • We offer management teams an equity participation on a partnership basis and with attractive terms.
  • As partners at eye level, we share aligned interests. Together, we want to accelerate the growth of our companies – including further capital for strategic acquisitions.
  • We provide management teams with operational know-how through our network.

You see a compelling market opportunity – we take care of the financing!

To improve their market position, companies need to develop new business areas, enter new regions and consolidate untapped markets:

  • We provide capital in a straightforward manner.
  • Together with our Industry Partners, we support management teams as sparring partner for the acceleration of organic growth as well as growth by acquisition.

Seize growth opportunities.

Beyond robust organic growth, we seek attractive acquisitions for our businesses:

  • We reserve sufficient capital for pursuing strategic acquisitions with our companies.
  • We drive the process of sourcing attractive acquisition opportunities in close collaboration with you.
  • You benefit from our longstanding experience in acquiring and integrating businesses.
  • We are looking for entrepreneurial partners who recognize and pursue opportunities together with us.

D | A | CH
Region, Benelux, Spain and Poland

The strongest economic area in Europe with many successful entrepreneurs.

Service companies

We invest in people.


Prospering companies with revenues of EUR 10 – 150m.

Mittelstand companies

Small and medium-sized («Mittelstand») companies with sound structures and talented management teams.

Industrie Partner

Industry experience at eye level

We have a unique network of Industry Partners. This network consists of high-profile entrepreneurs as well as former and active senior manager who actively support our companies with their experience and deep industry expertise.

For us, the key to success is the relationship between our investment team, our Industry Partners and the management team as well as the employees of our companies.

Together with our Industry Partners, we know the sectors in which our companies operate. We understand the entrepreneurial challenges and have gone through many sectoral booms and crises with our companies.

Our conviction: A partnership can only be successful if responsibilities are clearly divided and if all partners treat each other fairly and in a respectful manner.