Passionate experts at eye level - become part of our successful team!


Truely special is the Ufenau spirit

Our team consists of a variety of personalities who support and stand in for each other, follow a common north, are on a mission to achieve the same goals, give each other constructive feedback at any time, are joint in sharing a high degree of personal responsibility and commitment and – above all – have fun and enjoy what we are doing. It is this combination of trusting each other, engagement, loyalty, personal initiative and subject matter expertise, which was developed by ourselves over time and now has become the Ufenau spirit.

Ufenau Spirit

What makes us strong

…are the many different skills, talents and competencies of our team members. All their ideas, their commitment, their entrepreneurial thinking and actions are highly valued and very much appreciated.

Encourage skills and get the space to try them out

We encourage everyone to realize his / her full, perhaps yet undiscovered potential – both professionally and personally. We live what we stand for: We support growth and that includes our team members.

What you can expect from us

„For me, Ufenau Capital Partners is a valuable partner not only in professional, but also in personal context. The philosophy, which we act on as management in the Altano Group, is also reflected in the trusting cooperation with Ufenau. Entrepreneurial freedom with strong support, when the chips are down! Personally, I was able to develop from commercial manager of a small German group to CFO with operational responsibility for a sizeable international group with over 40 locations in 5 different countries and I am very much looking forward to our joint growth and further development.“

Sonja Rachor – CFO of Altano Group

„The cooperation with Ufenau has proven to be very trustfully and constructive in the last 2 years. A lot of freedom, shortcut access, and quick decisions, when you need something, were standing out. Creating management structures, seizing opportunities and intergrating acquisitions require flexibility and speed as per the different divisions' demand. In addition,it needs a balancing and integrating element to develop a group - a team - out of the various companies. I can shape a lot of things in the process myself, which is totally exciting. The exchange with CEOs of other Ufenau investments is very helpful. We share the same challenges and talk very openly amongst each other.“

Petra Reinholz – CEO of Kanalservice Group

„The cooperation with Ufenau is familial and characterized by great trust. I feel taken seriously and know who I can turn to at any time. Even in challenging situations, we discuss possible solutions constructively at eye level. The team at Ufenau challenges and encourages me and gives me sufficient freedom to make decisions for my personal and professional development.“

Tamara Burth – CFO of Doktorhuus Group AG

„Highly professional cooperation with a financially strong partner combined with just the right amount of pragmatism: This describes my experience with Ufenau Capital Partners best! With empathy and very good HR expertise the Ufenau team is also always available to support and help with advice.“

Armin Luczkowski – CFO of European AV Group

„With Ufenau we have a strong and experienced partner at our side. Getting started is easy and wherever needed, support is provided in word and deed.“

Bastian Vogel – Commercial Manager of Lavatio GmbH

„It is actually difficult for me to put the cooperation with Ufenau into words. It is a genuine and appreciative collaboration at eye level that always aims for the best possible joint solution putting people first. Especially in the IT environment, respect for "being a little different" is an important basis for building and developing the platform. Certainly after 18 months of intensive collaboration, I would choose Ufenau as a partner again.“

Dirk Wieland – CEO of Collana IT

„Ufenau was and is the perfect partner for me in the cooperation and the expansion of the buy-and-build strategy. In particular I appreciate the support on one hand and the freedom and trust on the other.“

Heidi Niemöller – CEO of Corius GmbH

„The statement "At eye level with entrepreneurs" is true at Ufenau - not only externally, but also in the direct internal cooperation. The regular, transparent and open exchange with each other made my start as CEO of the IRS Group easier and helped me to quickly focus on the essential and added-value priorities and to align the teams accordingly.“

M. Rolinski – CEO of IRS Holding