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Truely special is the Ufenau spirit

Our team consists of a variety of personalities who support and stand in for each other, follow a common north, are on a mission to achieve the same goals, give each other constructive feedback at any time, are joint in sharing a high degree of personal responsibility and commitment and – above all – have fun and enjoy what we are doing. It is this combination of trusting each other, engagement, loyalty, personal initiative and subject matter expertise, which was developed by ourselves over time and now has become the Ufenau spirit.

Ufenau Spirit

What makes us strong

…are the many different skills, talents and competencies of our team members. All their ideas, their commitment, their entrepreneurial thinking and actions are highly valued and very much appreciated.

Encourage skills and get the space to try them out

We encourage everyone to realize his / her full, perhaps yet undiscovered potential – both professionally and personally. We live what we stand for: We support growth and that includes our team members.

What you can expect from us