Ufenau’s focus is on identifying and developing attractive and sustainable investment opportunities.


Ufenau places strong emphasis on ESG standards and sustainable investing.


Ufenau’s priority goes beyond financial gains, aiming to create positive impacts on ecosystems and communities. We firmly believe that long-term economic success is intricately linked to high social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

It is essential for Ufenau to invest in companies located in regions where high sustainability standards are already in place. However, our investments are not solely aimed at maintaining the status quo; we are actively committed to fostering additional positive impact within these companies and their respective regions.

As signatories of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), we are committed to promoting responsible investment practices and aligning with the goals of PRI. Our focus is on “Asset Light” service companies, actively driving progress toward sustainability goals (SDGs) within the companies and regions in which we invest in.

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Ufenau Capital Partners ESG Responsibility

Guiding principles

Ufenau’s focus on sustainable investing.

As Ufenau aims to achieve measurable and positive impacts on the environment and society, we have chosen to pursue an investment strategy aligned with selected targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

Ufenau Capital Partners Sustainable Development Goals


Ufenau is a Signatory of PRI | Principles for Responsible Investments.

Principles for Responsible Investment Logo

In 2019, we proudly became a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a global initiative of the United Nations.

The PRI initiative establishes international standards for responsible investing, committing institutional investors to incorporate environmental, social, and governance factors into their investment decisions to create long-term value and promote sustainable financial markets.

The PRI membership demonstrates our commitment to sustainable investing and the serious approach we take in addressing global environmental, social and governance challenges.

SFDR Transparency

SFDR: More Transparency for Ufenau’s Stakeholders.

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) of the European Union (EU) plays a crucial role in communications with our stakeholders, especially investors. The regulation ensures that investors receive comprehensive and transparent information about investment funds. Based on Article 8 of the SFDR regulation, the funds disclose relevant details concerning the sustainability risks and impacts of our investment strategy.

Ufenau’s commitment to transparency and clear communication strengthens trust, ensures fair market conditions, and minimizes irregularities in the market environment. At Ufenau, we consistently adhere to these regulations ensuring that investors have access to all essential information for making well-informed investment decisions.

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